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What is the Children’s Bill of Rights?

The Texas Children’s Bill of Rights was created by Texas attorneys in an effort to protect children caught in the crossfire of divorce and custody disputes due to the emotional toll it can take on a child.  These rights are a list of rules/guidelines for parents to follow in order to encourage a positive co-parenting relationship, as well as a positive parent-child relationship with each child subject of a family law suit. Whether a case is amicable or highly litigious, parents are encouraged, and even ordered at times, to abide by the Children’s Bill of Rights so that the child’s well-being and best interest is being considered at all times.

It is important to Courts that parents work to minimize the negative impacts adult decisions have on their children & that parents support and encourage a positive relationship between the other parent and child. When it can be shown to the Court that a parent is purposely alienating a child from another parent, Courts have been known to completely alter the status quo in order to protect the child from further alienation and emotional harm. It is also important that parties involved in custody disputes encourage their relatives and close friends to comply with the Children’s Bill of Rights in an effort to protect the overall well-being of the child.

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