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Board Certified Family Law Attorney

Focused on You. Advocating for your future.

Serving Clients in Williamson & Travis Counties

Margo Ahern Fox


If you’ve found yourself facing circumstances perhaps you never thought you’d be in, know that you are not alone and that we are here to help.  Our clients include professionals, business owners & domestic engineers, each with unique circumstances just like your own.

Respected and well-known for her knowledge of Texas law and creative approaches to complex family law cases including those with large marital estates (high-asset divorces), businesses, child custody issues, & enforcements, Margo Ahern Fox will strongly advocate for your best interests and present you with cost-effective options throughout your case.

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At Fox Law, we help you strategically navigate your legal matters with your interests in mind.  Whether those interests are to provide for your future; value a business; or care for a child, we seek effective solutions within the framework of negotiation, mediation, the collaborative process, and/or trial.

No matter what your reason may be for seeking legal advice or representation, it’s our desire to leave you better off than how came to us – legally, financially, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

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Every person on our team has felt called to do this work and to help others through difficult times.  You are never just another client at Fox Law.  No matter what type of family law matter you’re facing, our team is available and committed to providing you with expert legal representation and care until your matter is resolved.

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“…if you are looking for a legal team who has your best interest at heart, and the knowledge to back it up, you should definitely consider Fox Law. If you will listen to Margo's advice and take advantage of the team's guidance and sincere concern for your well-being, you will come out of your experience better than when you arrived.”

-former client

We want to help you preserve your relationships and your assets.



Divorce is the process which legally dissolves a marriage. Related issues such as division of property, spousal support, and child custody can be resolved by negotiation, mediation, the collaborative process and/or trial.


Child Custody (SAPCR)

When parties are not married & there is no prior order, the term child custody is used to describe conservatorship, possession & support of a child.  The filing for this type of action is called Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR).



Modification occurs when there is reason to modify an existing order such as a divorce decree or other child custody order. The grounds for a change of conservatorship, possession & support of a child are complex and primarily based on the child’s best interest.



Enforcements in family law cases are filed when a party violates temporary orders, a decree of divorce, or other final order and usually involves unpaid child support or spousal maintenance, violations of possession orders, and failure to divide or deliver property.

attorney-client relationship

Attorney-Client Confidentiality

The attorney-client relationship is one in which confidentiality and trust are cornerstones. In this process, you must be willing to accept (although it may be difficult at times) our guidance, advice, and mentorship. Helping you navigate the legal aspects of your case is critical, but so is making sure that once your case is completed your financial resources and relationships are preserved. We want the attorney-client relationship to be one of growth and opportunity for you and one that empowers you to confidently write the rest of your life story.