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Appraisals / Estimates
Real Property & Personal Property


How much is your property worth?  Appraisals are often utilized when estimating the value of real or personal property.  To get a general idea of what your real property may be worth, you can start by looking at your county tax appraisal or other property value sites; however, you may need to hire a real estate appraiser to determine a more accurate value of your property at that point in time.  An appraisal is in the form of a detailed report containing information on the property’s value based on its quality, condition, location and surrounding marketing conditions. It’s not uncommon for parties to have different ideas about the value of their property, therefore,  seeking an appraisal can be a good way to determine a more accurate value of property prior to division, especially since real estate values can fluctuate significantly in short amounts of time.

If you think you may need a real estate appraisal for your property, contact us to learn more about this process.

Real Property

County Tax Appraisals

Williamson Central Appraisal District
Travis Central Appraisal District

Real Estate Data
Zillow Home Values & Listings

Personal Property

The resources below may help you to estimate the value of certain personal property you own:


J.D. Power / NADA
Kelley Blue Book


American Gem Society


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