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Child Support Calculator

The following child support calculator is provided by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and will estimate Obligor’s monthly child support payment based on Texas child support guidelines:

Office of the Attorney General of Texas Child Support Calculator

*This calculator provides an estimate for a single source of income. The actual amount ordered or approved by the court may differ.

How Child Support is Calculated

While it is more complex, the basics to calculating the current amount of child support are found by the following—

  • Calculating the total amount of the Obligor’s income from all sources that is available to child support – which we call “Gross Resources”
  • Subtracting from the Gross Resources certain items, such taxes paid, union dues, and health/dental insurance premium for the child; and then divide by 12 to determine the monthly net resources available – the resulting number we call “Monthly Net Resources.”
  • Applying the Child-Support Guidelines (eg. 20% for one child; 25% for two children, etc.) to the Monthly Net Resources. If the Obligor has other children for whom he/she owes support that are not before the Court, then Adjusted Child-Support Guidelines will be applies (eg. 17.50% if one child before the Court and another child not before the Court).

If you’re contemplating divorce, currently going through a divorce or separation, or considering a modification of child support, you may have a number of questions and concerns that you’d like to discuss. The decisions you make during this process are important and may affect you and your children long-term.  It is important that you feel comfortable about the decisions you make and the terms you agree to during the process.


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