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Standing Orders

Standing orders exist in certain counties in Texas in order to protect parties, children, and their property once a divorce or suit affecting parent-child relationship (SAPCR) has been filed with the Court.  Under a standing order, parties must abide by specific criteria in order to:

  • conduct themselves appropriately;
  • preserve property, assets & records; and
  • avoid disrupting the children

while a case is pending.  A standing order is attached to an Original Petition for Divorce or Original Petition in Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship (and Modification cases in Travis County, Texas) when filed with the Court of jurisdiction. If a standing order is not attached to the original petition at the time of the original filing, the court clerk will reject the filing or attach it before approving the filing. This order is effective at the time of filing and throughout the pending case unless a party to the suit contests the order and presents evidence at a hearing within the required time period.

A standing order terminates once a court signs a final order.

*These orders do not apply to modification actions for existing orders.