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Divorce Support & Co-parenting Resources


Those experiencing divorce often wish they had more support during the process and post-divorce. Connecting with others in similar circumstances can help you feel less alone, give you the space to process the changes that often go along with divorce, and to help your heart begin to heal. We also know that you may also have the task of trying to help your children process all that’s changing in their worlds and to help them navigate a new normal.  That can often feel overwhelming too.

If you are looking for some additional support along the way, we have put together a list below for you to explore of local or online divorce support, as well as co-parenting resources available to you during this time.

Divorce Support

DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)
Meet Up – Divorce Support Round Rock, TX
Meet Up – Divorce Support Austin, TX
Meet Up – Austin Divorce Resources
Woman’s Divorce Support Group
Men’s Group Divorce Support
Daily Strength – Single Parent Support Group

Co-parenting Resources

Co-parenting Guide – Office of the Attorney General of Texas
Texas Online Co-Parenting Programs
Our Family Wizard


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