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Divorce for Christians

Early in her career, Margo Ahern Fox made the decision to practice law with integrity and in ways that honor God and bless others in the midst of very difficult circumstances such as divorce. Regardless of a client’s religious beliefs or cultural background, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation, Ms. Fox is committed to providing quality legal representation, along with Jesus’ compassion, love, truth, and hope for all clients as they navigate the difficult decisions that may affect them and their families long-term.

While this informational page is certainly open to all, it specifically speaks to Christians seeking like-minded legal counsel for divorce.

At a Crossroads

For Christians, divorce can be a sensitive topic and is one of many difficult and controversial issues that Christians face today. When the “D” word makes its way into conversation between you and your spouse, there is an immediate breakdown in the marriage relationship, leaving it vulnerable, at risk, and often at a crossroads. This is especially difficult when your spouse is also a Christian and you and your spouse have previously tried marriage counseling, restoration conferences, or working through reconciliation curriculum in an attempt to save your marriage.

As Christians, this reality is especially difficult because we know that God views marriage as sacred, life-long, and as a relationship that should model Christ’s sacrificial love for His Church. Ephesians 5:21-33 By this comparison, we can know that God’s best for us and for a Christ-centered marriage does not invite divorce, but instead sacrificial love and forgiveness. It is especially painful when one spouse has given up and stopped loving their spouse in this way.

God knows the great pain divorce causes for spouses, the children, extended family, friend groups, the parties’ finances & it breaks His heart. However, we also know that God’s Word says that there are sometimes reasons why a civil divorce may be the only possible way of ensuring certain legal rights such as for the well-being or safety of the family.  Additionally, if one or both parties were not capable of entering into a marriage covenant, there may not even be a marriage that is valid.  Secrets, histories of abuse, prior marriages unknown, mental health issues, and other interferences can be the cause of a spouse not having the requisite ability to enter into the marriage covenant.

Every marriage is unique, as are the reasons for divorce.  If you’re considering, facing, or currently going through a divorce, you may be seeking like-minded legal counsel to help guide you through the legal process and work towards a resolution in a manner that reflects your faith.  If this describes you, we are ready and willing to pray with you and to help you make informed decisions as we walk with you through this difficult time.

Words of Encouragement from Margo Ahern Fox

As an experienced litigator, collaborative law attorney, mediator, and woman of faith, I’ve handled a large number of divorce and family law cases over the past 20+ years of practicing family law.  From the most amicable of cases to the most ugly and complex, it is always my hope and desire to see marriages restored and to not end in divorce.  It can be a treacherous path for those who walk through it, but because I care so deeply about my clients and their families, I feel called to do this very difficult work.

No matter what stage of the divorce process you’re in, our team will support your decision and celebrate with you, should you and your spouse choose the road to reconciliation. We can work with you and your spouse or opposing counsel to help you navigate the legal process in order to pause the divorce temporarily or dismiss the divorce entirely. 

However, should you ultimately choose the path of divorce – without judgment – our team will strongly advocate for you in whatever way may be necessary in order to help you reach a desired resolution that hopefully leaves you feeling peaceful and hopeful for the future.

No matter which road you choose, it’s our goal to leave you better off than how you came to us.

Margo Ahern Fox
Board Certified Family Law Attorney & Mediator

Inviting God to the Conference Room Table

All it takes is for us to make the request and then we can invite God in.  This is one of the most challenging times in our clients’ lives.  They are hurting.  Their spouse is hurting.  Their children are hurting. Why wouldn’t we call on Him who can heal and restore?  Why wouldn’t we ask Him to be with us when our client is making some of the most difficult decisions he or she has ever made?

What we do at Fox Law to invite God into the process…

We pray for our clients.
We pray with our clients.
We pray before mediation.
We pray before a trial . . . a lot.
We pray during negotiation sessions with husband, wife & even the other attorney.

We ask our clients about their spiritual health.  Divorce is a three-legged stool:  legal; financial; and spiritual/emotional.  If one leg is broken then the stool topples over.

We ask our clients to consider returning to church if they’ve stopped attending.

We provide Christian resources to our clients.

We provide parenting resources for our clients with young children.

Above all, we provide hope that the future does not have to be like the past when you rely on God.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar
It is said that Christ gave us the sand dollar as a symbol of our faith. The five holes commemorate the five wounds of Christ – four nail holes and a fifth one made by a Roman’s spear.  And at the center, on one side, blooms the Easter lily, and at the lily’s heart the star of Bethlehem.  The Christmas poinsettia is etched on the other side, a reminder of Christ’s birth, and that in Christ lies our HOPE and the promise of PEACE.