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Kathleen Burnett


Beginning her internship with Fox Law in January of 2022, Kathleen is a Pre-law Intern from Southwestern University.  Kathleen relocated to Texas from Ontario Canada and plans to complete law school and practice family and education law.

Kathleen is dedicated to helping navigate the difficult process of divorce and the challenges that come with family law issues.  Being a divorcee herself, she knows first-hand how difficult it can be for families.  Kathleen enjoys the supportive atmosphere of Fox Law and feels it’s her purpose to help others through the process of divorce in as kind of a manner as possible – always looking for ways both sides can remain as amicable as possible, finding kind ways for parties to co-parent and work together, and keeping the goal of what is best for the family at the heart of the resolution.

Outside of work, Kathleen enjoys spending time with her four children, riding her horses, and going for a jog with her chocolate lab, Charlie!