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Attorney-Client Relationship

The attorney-client relationship is one in which confidentiality and trust are cornerstones. In this process, you must be willing to accept (although it may be difficult at times) our guidance, advice, and mentorship. We want to help you preserve your relationships and your assets. Helping you navigate the legal aspects of your case is critical but so is making sure that once your case is done you are not financially destitute, but instead on your way to having what you want for yourself and your life. We want this relationship to be one of growth and opportunity for you.

Going forward, you have the opportunity to resolve your case in one of five ways:

  1. the kitchen table approach
  2. negotiation
  3. mediation
  4. litigation
  5. collaborative law

We will guide you in choosing the option that will lead to the best outcome of your case.

5 ways to resolve your divorce.

In 2011 we were inspired more than we ever have been to be clear about our goals not only for our clients but for our practice and for our own lives. Believe it or not, when our clients are overly stressed and upset, there is an impact on our firm, on us, and in turn, on our families … because we care. If we couldn't relate to our clients, if we couldn't feel their pain, if we didn't lose sleep at night, if we couldn't be empathetic, in our opinion, we ought to stop doing what we're doing altogether. We care about you and maybe, surprisingly, we care about your spouse too … (and "the other party" if your case is not a divorce case), particularly if you have children.

Does this mean that we can't or won't go to court? No, we know that sometimes, there is no other option, but this should be the last resort. However, we are not afraid to admit that if your intent is to "get back at your spouse or the other party," "to avoid responsibility for your own actions," "to seek only the negative in your situation," we are not the firm for you. We don't want you to leave this process worse off emotionally and financially. If you have children, we don't want your relationship with your ex-spouse to be damaged beyond repair. These are the endings that we so often see. And most others won't admit to. We approach family law keeping in mind the 3-legged stool approach.

It is often said, that every family law case is like a 3-legged stool with each leg representing a very important aspect of your case and that without that leg, the stool falls over: the first leg being EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL; the second leg being LEGAL; the third leg being FINANCIAL.

We have expanded slightly on this concept and come up with a 5-step process to guide you throughout your case.

Read our divorce 5-step process.

By focusing on what you want for yourself and for your life, you may find that you are a better parent, a better future spouse, a better worker, a better manager of money, a better citizen, and a better human being. Having come through this process you will have achieved the end you desire.

What follows is a story told by Darren Hardy in his book, The Compound Effect, that illustrates the struggle you must be feeling and the power of a counselor to effect an extraordinary outcome.

"Back during World War II, enemies torpedoed a Navy cruiser carrying more than 1,100 crewmembers. As the ship sank into the frigid water, the crew floundered in the sea for five days. They were starving, drowning, and being attacked by sharks. The ocean current pulled nine of the guys away, splintering off from the rest of the ranks. Seeing these men were beginning to lose their will, a young officer, started asking them about their families and lives back home. He asked them to describe what they were going to do when they got back. He asked them what they wanted to accomplish and what difference they wanted to make. He had them envision how scared their spouses and children were; how their parents must feel not knowing if they were alive. He asked them to fight to stay alive, not just for themselves but for their loved ones back home. Finally a passing plane spotted the men in the water. Two-thirds of the 1,100 crew members perished. However, all nine inspired by that young officer lived."

At Fox Law, we believe that we have the opportunity to be that young officer for you - to inspire you to find the difference you want to make for yourself, your children, and your world and to empower you to make that desired change a reality. We have the privilege of helping you not lose your will but create a vision for your life that will inspire us all. The Bible explains, "Where there is no vision, the people perish...." [Prov. 29:18] We challenge you to ask yourself, what is your vision for your world, your community, your future, your children, and YOURSELF?

We are here to help you find the answers to these very important questions. Call us today at 512.238.9206 to schedule a consultation.

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